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We are an organization of committed professionals who are passionate in the industry of contract manufacturing. Our skills and expertise in this industry has contributed to our ever growing satisfied customer base and corporate growth.
Established in 1997, we had not only strengthened our capabilities in contract manufacturing but also in core supporting activities such as supply chain and distribution network.
Our organizational practice of professional business ethics and philosophy has further contributed to the growth and success of Cincaria Sdn Bhd.

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Cincaria will be at the forefront of the business world and capable of supporting the development of societies in which the businesses are operating in through our corporate cultures and beliefs.


To create a company with world-class capabilities in raw material management, manufacturing and distribution. To make Cincaria a valuable business and company; that the management of Cincaria is willing to invest in it.

Circuit Board
Circuit Board

Cincaria only delivers goods with the quality that meet customers’ expectations. To achieve that Cincaria continuously reviews, improves and maintains the Quality Management System and Standard.

Our Quality Policy:

  1. Every product made and services provided by Cincaria must meet the customers’ and regulatory requirements in product safety, effectiveness and reliability.

  2. Every thought, action and decision made must be of minimum risk for suppliers, Cincaria and customers.

  3. Everything being done within Cincaria must be guided by the attitude of continuous improvement, lean and first time right.

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  • PCBA

  • Mechanical Assemblies

  • Box Build

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Products

  • Road Safety Products

  • Industrial Products

  • Education Products

  • Medical Products

  • Consumer-based Products

  • Warning signal Products

  • Wire harness Products

  • Plastic Products

  • Sheet Metal Products

  • Casting Products

Circuit Board
  • Global Procurements and Supply Management

  • Horizontal and Strategical Alliance in Electronic and Related Components,

  • Casting, Sheet Metal, Precision Machining, Plastic Injection Moulding, Wire Harness, Packaging, Logistic and Distribution

  • Manufacturing Engineering Experiences and Knowledge from Product Design to Actual Mass Production

  • Integrating Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Assemblies

  • Product Functional Testing and Validation

  • Box Build, Warehousing and Final Distribution

Personal data protection policy

Please read our Personal Data Policy.

Modern slavery & human trafficking

Cincaria believes that every human has dignity and rights, especially as an employee.

Anti Corruption

Cincaria practices clean business - we compete on providing good service, quality and values - we expect the same from others.


Having ethics does not make us square, boring or rigid - it gives us boundaries to work with that make us better corporate citizens.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Please read our terms and conditions of sale.

Anti Harrassment & buLlying

We have zero tolerance for harassment and bullying of any kind.

Equal Opportunities

Cincaria practices equal opportunity for all - regardless of gender, race, religion and beliefs.


Cincaria is fair - misconduct will be investigated and dealt with.

Social media

What is acceptable to Cincaria.

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